Alison Klevnäs

Dr Alison Klevnäs is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies at Stockholm University.

Her PhD was completed at the University of Cambridge in 2010 and investigated Merovingian-period grave disturbance in northern and western Europe, with the main case study in East Kent in Anglo-Saxon England.

Further research explores the widespread disturbance of Vendel and Viking Period boat-burials in Scandinavia, with publications on the heavily disturbed boat-grave cemeteries at Gamla Uppsala and Vendel in Uppland, Sweden. Her post-doc project was entitled “See the place where they laid him: Reopened chamber graves in the Migration Period of central Sweden”.

Wider ongoing interests include taphonomy, ritual activities at burial places, and archaeological approaches to possessions and ownership, particularly in the context of grave finds. At Stockholm she is responsible for the MA theory and dissertation courses, plus undergraduate courses on archaeological practice and the Viking period. From 2017-19 she is running a Humanities Faculty doctoral school on the theme ‘Materiality and the human’.

From 2018 she will be leading a three-year project funded by the Swedish Research Council on ‘Interacting with the dead. Belief and conflict in Early Medieval Europe (AD 450-750)’.