Astrid Athina Noterman

Astrid Athina Noterman is a PhD student at the Centre for Medieval Studies (CESCM) at the University of Poitiers in France. The subject of her research is grave reopenings from the Merovingian Period in the North of France. Her approach includes archaeology, archaeothanatalogy, mortuary studies and early medieval written sources.

She is developing a new skeletal record sheet that incorporates grave disturbance data (reopening pits, disturbed stratigraphy, bone displacements etc.). The aim of this form is to help field anthropologists determine if a grave was disturbed in the past, and if it was not, what kind of event caused the disturbance.

Parallel to her thesis research, she works in the department of anthropology (CRAHAM) at the University of Caen-Basse Normandie (France).

For more information and contact details, please take a look at Astrid’s personal page